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To view the video controls, you must first start the video by clicking (or tapping if on a mobile device) the start button in the center of the video. Steps for optimal viewing will depend on whether you are using a desktop computer or mobile device.

On a desktop computer, hover your cursor over the main section of the video. A picture-in-picture icon  will then appear. Click it to expand the video size. To reduce the video to its original size, click the picture-in-picture symbol located at the bottom of the expanded video display.

On a moble device, start the video first (as indicated above) and then tap the full screen icon in the bottom right-hand corner. The full-screen mode is not recommended for desktop displays since the video may appear grainy on very large screens.

Marc Sheridan - Overview of Collaborative Practice

Marc Sheridan - Collaborative Employment Dispute Overview

Anthony Markus - Attorney/Client Meeting

Anthony Markus - Interests Meeting

Anthony Markus - Options Meeting

Marc Sheridan - Resolution / NYCCG Contact Information

Markus & Sheridan
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