Employment Discrimination

Experienced legal Counsel In Workplace Discrimination Cases

Federal, state, and local laws prohibit discrimination in the workplace. An employer may not treat its employees differently regarding the terms and conditions of the employment relationship based on their age, national origin, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, a pregnancy, disability, or a perceived disability, among other protected categories. If you fall into one of these protected classes and believe that you have been harassed or treated unfairly in terms of your hiring, firing, compensation (including overtime issues), performance, evaluation, promotion, or demotion, severance, or medical leave, you may have a claim for employment discrimination.

It is important that you not wait for the situation to escalate and to seek the advice of an experienced attorney promptly, as waiting too long can make your claim stale. Employment discrimination laws even protect you from reporting such unlawful conduct, including obtaining legal advice.

At Markus & Sheridan, LLP, our lawyers understand the complexity of the employment relationship, and recognize that these situations may be as emotionally charged as your personal relationships. Having prosecuted and defended employment discrimination claims on both sides of lawsuits for over a decade, we offer our clients a unique perspective and value-added objective advice, providing them with the ability to assess risk and analyze the financial components of their claim.

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Assertive Representation In Sexual Harassment Cases

Sexual harassment did not disappear with the advent of the “women’s rights” movement. While it is an age-old issue, it still occurs in countless work places every single day. It more commonly affects women, but regardless of your gender, if you are being subjected to inappropriate images, comments, remarks or other communications, the law could construe this to be hostile work environment and you may even have a valid harassment claim against your employer.

Laws prohibiting on-the-job discrimination and harassment exist for a reason; these actions are wrong. You have the right to enter your workplace without fear for your safety and your mental health.

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