Employment Issues

Experienced Legal Counsel In A Wide Range Of Employment Matters

Workplace disputes can stall a career or mire a company’s leaders in litigation when they need to focus on business strategies. Whether you are an individual facing workplace discrimination or a business that finds itself in the middle of a legal dispute, the team at Markus & Sheridan, LLP, has the experience, knowledge and skill set to help you resolve your matter.

We represent executives, managers, employees and business owners throughout Westchester County and the New York metropolitan area in a wide range of employment law issues, including all forms of discrimination. We also assist in drafting or reviewing non-compete and non-solicitation agreements and employment contracts.

Effective Solutions Are Our Business

We aim to resolve clients’ business and employment disputes efficiently and cost-effectively. This often is achieved through negotiation and use of collaborative law, thereby avoiding expensive and drawn-out litigation. However, if a fair agreement cannot be reached through these methods, our firm is always prepared to advocate on your behalf in court. In those situations, we help our clients assess and understand their options, review all possible outcomes, and weigh the cost of litigating against the possible risks.

Ready To Review Your Employment Law Issue

To learn more about how our highly experienced lawyers can assist you in your employment law matter, contact us online, or call 914-241-6300. We serve clients throughout Westchester County, Putnam County and the New York City metropolitan area.

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