Collaborative Law – Divorce

Collaborative Solutions In Divorce

Collaborative law is an effective alternative to a hostile family law battle. At Markus & Sheridan, LLP, we specialize in representing our clients in the collaborative process.

Unlike litigation, collaborative law facilitates:

  • Safeguarding your child’s relationship with his or her parents through the divorce and fostering a positive relationship in the new family setting
  • Agreeing on workable solutions to meet your financial interests
  • Allowing you to make the decisions that work best for your family

How Does Collaborative Law Work?

Our attorneys view collaborative law as an opportunity for clients to stay in control of their divorce process through a series of face to face meetings to address your interests and negotiate terms through constructive communications. In the collaborative process each party retains his or her own collaborative lawyer to represent them and facilitate an agreement. Both parties agree to reach a settlement and if someone withdraws from the collaborative process, all parties must find new legal representation.

Neutral Third Party

Often other professionals join in the process. A trained child specialist can assist in working on a parenting plan; a financial specialist can provide a neutral analysis of the finances and provide advice to reach common sense solutions; and a divorce coach can help each party with communications and to stay on track in negotiations based on reason rather than emotion.

Collaborative cases are most successful when the team, including both attorneys and the third party neutral, is knowledgeable and dedicated to the process.

We Can Answer Your Questions About Collaborative Law

For effective representation in collaborative law, contact our law office at 914-241-6300 or email us via the contact form, below. We serve clients throughout White Plains, Westchester County and the New York City metro area.

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