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Spousal Support Decisions Will Shape Your Long-Term Financial Picture

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When a couple divorces, many complicated issues must be discussed. At the forefront of these concerns is financial support, commonly referred to as spousal support, maintenance and alimony. Often, the spouses are on unequal footing with regard to finances.  New York enacted a law that applies a formula approach to determine maintenance/spousal support. Please go to the maintenance/spousal support page for more information.

At Markus & Sheridan, LLP, our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the new spousal support law. Such knowledge is critical in representing our clients in negotiations, when either spouse has income in excess of the cap of $203,000 or when circumstances require deviation from the formula and advisory duration guidelines.

Temporary Support: Temporary support ensures that the bills are paid and that each spouse has sufficient resources to meet day-to-day expenses until the divorce is resolved. The new maintenance law also includes changes to temporary support. We are fully familiar with these changes and will use our knowledge and experience to protect your temporary support concerns.

Support Modifications: In certain situations, it is possible for a party to request a modification of a current support order. There are also several ways to seek enforcement of spousal support when alimony is not being paid. Our experienced attorneys understand the law and what it takes to prosecute and defend applications to modify and enforce spousal support.

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To learn more about our how we can help you with spousal support, maintenance and alimony issues, including the use of the collaborative process, reach out to one of our skilled Westchester County, New York, family lawyers at Markus & Sheridan, LLP. Call 914-241-6300 or use our online contact form, below, to schedule.

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