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Legal Strategies Tailored To Your Specific Needs

While we believe that collaborative practice and mediation are effective dispute resolution methods, every case is different. Sometimes negotiating, with the option to litigate, is necessary to reach an agreement.

At Markus & Sheridan, our attorneys also engage in constructive negotiation aimed at resolving your domestic relations dispute. We may discover that a number of issues can be resolved through negotiation or alternative resolution methods, while others must be litigated.

Ready To Advocate For You When Necessary

Litigation, which has long been the benchmark for most family law practices, is sometimes the only option. In every divorce matter, there are some very clear and fundamental issues. Economic concerns, child custody, and visitation rights are commonly part of any litigation strategy. We are experienced matrimonial litigators who know family law and the judicial system.

Our lawyers have more than 35 years of cumulative litigation experience. If a resolution cannot be reached through collaborative methods or negotiation, we will zealously advocate for you in court. If you are seeking reliable and experienced legal representation, contact us online or call our law office at 914-241-6300. We serve clients throughout White Plains, Putnam County, Westchester County and the New York City metropolitan area.