High-Asset Divorce

It’s Important To Get Property Division And Other Decisions Right In Complex Divorce Cases

Dividing property and determining child support and spousal support in divorce can be difficult. If you have accumulated a significant amount of assets during your marriage, or if you or your spouse owns a business or other complex holdings, it can be even more complex. In these situations, it is important to work with a family law attorney who is experienced in protecting clients’ rights and securing their long-term financial security.

At Markus & Sheridan, LLP, in Mount Kisco, we bring extensive experience and knowledge of New York property division laws to high-asset divorces. A number of important decisions are made during divorce — decisions that will impact both parties’ long-term financial future.

We are well-equipped to address the wide range of issues that come up in high-asset divorces, including:

  • Valuation of vacation homes, investment real estate, commercial real estate and other real property
  • Valuation of businesses, business partnerships or professional practices
  • Division of retirement accounts, pension plans, profit sharing programs and other complex financial accounts
  • Deferred compensation and stock options
  • Evaluating tax implications

The Resources To Do The Job Right

Our lawyers’ experience in estate planning provides us helpful insights when working with high net worth individuals in divorce. In addition, we call on highly regarded real estate valuators, tax professionals, forensic accountants and other financial specialists when necessary to protect your interests in property division matters.

We work with clients throughout Westchester County and the surrounding counties, as well as with New York City and Connecticut residents from our office in Mount Kisco. Call 914-241-6300 or use our contact form to schedule a meeting. We will answer your questions and provide a candid assessment of what you might expect.

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